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  • Andreas Zmija
  • Gisela Anton
  • Sebastian Fiedlschuster

Given that the development of the situation with regard to COVID-19 is still difficult to predict for the months to come, we have decided with a heavy heart to cancel the Astroparticle School for 2021. Despite the possibility that COVID-19 might be under control in late 2021, organizing the School on short notice would not be fair especially to the international audience the School is adressed to. Stay positive, we will be back in 2022 and hope to welcome you then!

Last update 05 May 2021

The first School for Astroparticle Physics was organised in 2004. Since then, it takes place each October. It primarily addresses graduate and PhD students from all fields of experimental and theoretical astroparticle physics.

The School offers the participants education in a wide range of topics from astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology, as well as in-depth coverage of topical developments in astroparticle physics. A further goal of the school is to stimulate contacts between participants and lecturers to strengthen long-term cooperation and synergy effects in the community of astroparticle physicists.

The School is supported by the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg through the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP) and by the Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics (HAP).

Programme committee
Gisela Anton (ECAP), Joannes Blümer (KIT), Cristopher van Eldik (ECAP), Franz von Feilitzsch (TUM), Stefan Funk (ECAP), Werner Hofmann (MPIK Heidelberg), Uli Katz (ECAP), Karl Mannheim (U. Würzburg), Julian Rautenberg (U. Wuppertal), Jörn Wilms (ECAP)

Local Organisation
Prof. Dr. Gisela Anton, Prof. Dr. Uli Katz, Prof. Dr. Stefan Funk, Prof. Dr. Christopher van Eldik, Dr. Thomas Eberl, Dr. Jürgen Hößl, Dr. Ira Jung, Dr. Robert Lahmann, Sebastian Fiedlschuster, Andreas Zmija

October 2020

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